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Your brand, our speaker. A winning team.

Strong brands tend to team. The list of successful co-productions is almost endless. What about the famous technology giant from Cupertino, CA that teamed up with one of the world’s leading sports brands to create a device that tracks your walk or run?

We at Njoy believe that in some cases two can accomplish more than one. That’s why we offer companies the possibility to co-create their own custom-made Njoy mini speaker. Your company’s distinctive color and logo are all we need to personalize the Njoy speaker and make it suit your wishes.

Make a grand impression

By teaming up with our revolutionary Njoy mini speaker you will undoubtedly make a grand impression. Please contact us to learn more about this fantastic offer!

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Size does matter 

Superb sound in the palm of your hand

Size matters. Smartphones, TVs and laptops keep losing weight while growing in terms of performance. Your beloved gadgets’ weight loss makes your accessories fight against those extra pounds as well. Big headsets, speaker dock systems and protective covers are a thing of the past.

Measuring just 2.5 x 2.5 x 2 inches and weighing only 300 grams, the Njoy Bluetooth® mini speaker is incredibly small. It easily fits in your purse, messenger bag and of course in the palm of your hand.

Lightweight powerhouse

Thanks to its stunningly compact design you can kiss your bulky speaker dock system goodbye. The Njoy speaker excels in portability and is always ready for use.

Seductive design 

A phenomenal speaker with an irresistibly luscious design


A phenomenal speaker with an irresistibly luscious design

Beauty, style and fashion. You always want to look your very best to let the world know who you are and what you stand for. Your clothes, accessories and gadgets tell the story of you. Superficial? Think again. You’re a unique individual, free to tell the world: this is me!

‘Seductive’ is the best way to describe the Njoy Bluetooth® mini speaker’s design. By using only the best materials we’ve managed to develop a speaker that doesn’t just sound fantastic, but looks fantastic as well. Stylish and astonishingly easy to use.

Functional & ergonomic

Njoy’s design is ergonomic and leaves the poorly designed plastic competition behind. For the first time design and functionality go hand in hand. All thanks to its beautiful curves and soft exterior.

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Spread the sound 

Show the world you love Njoy with our exclusive merchandise

When you’re a big fan of a certain artist you want to express your fandom, right? You could buy music or visit your beloved artists’ concerts, but you’re not a true fan until you wear a shirt depicting your musical heroes. Where music meets fashion.

We’re absolutely sure that you love the Njoy mini speaker as much as we do. That’s why we feel that a beautiful and beloved product deserves beautiful promotional products. It is with pride that we present to you our unique Njoy shirts, sweaters and jackets.



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Black & white 

A match made in heaven if you like it sharp and stylish

Black & white is arguably the most timeless and beloved combination in fashion and design. The tuxedo, the little black dress with sparkling white accents and of course the stunning smartphones created by the world’s most popular tech company.

With our dazzling black and white Njoy speakers we carry on the black & white tradition. Sharp, simple and so very stylish.

Subtle and yet not to overlook

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Our matte black and pearl white mini speakers will draw everyone’s attention. They fit your personal style like a glove. Subtle and yet not to overlook.

Share your music //

Music is best enjoyed together

Thanks to social media you’re always busy sharing your life with your friends and followers. Sharing photos on Instagram, your mood on Twitter and that must-see clip on Facebook. You’ve never been in touch with so many people at the same time

You’re obviously a social animal when you’re offline too. Set the mood and share your music with your friends. And with the Njoy mini speaker! Stream the hottest tracks, check out the latest videos and enjoy the unsurpassed sound quality of your Njoy. Enjoy the music. Together

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